1. "Now, I’m praying that I make it twenty-five
    They be calling doctors for my health
    And “no” is kinda hard to say to drugs
    Cause I been having problems with myself
    And I been asking questions, where the love?
    And they don’t give me answers, just a check
    And they don’t know my issues as a child
    Cause I was busy cutting on myself
    And hanging from the playground wasn’t wrong
    Until you got a rope around your neck
    And I been losing more than just my mind
    Gathering what’s left of self-respect
    And Daddy, why you call me while you’re drunk?
    And why you never love me when I need it?
    And I don’t wanna be like you no more
    And I been trying to cope, I’m getting weed."
    — Isaiah Rashad
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    "Fight Like a Girl" 3 Patch Set


    need this

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  8. I’m gonna try make this tumblr a bit more personal. More of my own photos (probably mainly graf idk) and probably more bitching about my life. Sorry not sorry y’all!

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  11. Ye Tower RCA all day


  12. Snitches & basic bitches can fuck right off.

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